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The furniture of the ANREX company is made on high-precision and technological equipment of eminent European manufacturers of machine tools. The main technological chain is built on the basis of productive machines and machining centers of the famous German holding company “Homag Group”. Also production machines of such Italian companies as «SCM Group», «Stemas», «Gridgio» participate in the technological process of furniture production, as well as of the German companies «Altendorf», «IMA», «Weinig» ans Spain company «Barberan» The use of such equipment makes it possible to produce furniture of high quality. 


The company "ANREX" exists in the furniture market for 20 years. Over the years, the company has established itself as a reliable and stable partner. We follow the modern trends in the furniture industry, tirelessly developing and improving the technology of production. Thanks to the constant renewal of the assortment, our furniture always combines proven designs and modern trends in furniture fashion.

The company "ANREX" exists in the furniture market for 20 years. Over the years, the company has established itself as a reliable and stable partner.


Living room / dinning room

Your living room is the central gathering place in your home. It’s where you relax. Watch TV. Entertain guests. The furniture you choose for your living room should be comfortable and reflect your style..


Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary. It is your refuge, where you can truly relax. Thus, you want it to be stylish, personal, and comfortable.

Teen's room

Your children are the center of your world. Naturally, you want the best for them in all things—in education, in health, and in play. The same goes for their rooms. Your kids’ space should be a combination of function and frivolity. It is a place for them to laugh and play, learn and grow, rest and relax.


The first area family and friends see when they are welcomed into your home is your entryway, so naturally, you want it to be inviting. From the moment you walk in the door, your entryway should invoke the warm feeling that this is home.

Home office

When you have work to do, you need a place that encourages organization. A space where you can do your best work. A locale that fosters focus. Your home office should be the perfect combination of work you and personal you. It’s where you take calls, write reports, and meet deadlines. Your office furniture should be comfortable enough to feel like you’re at home but professional enough that you can successfully mark tasks off of your To Do list.


The company is a serious furniture manufacturer and a reliable partner in the CIS and in the near abroad (Poland, Germany). Complete and planned modernization of workshops and production processes that has taken place starting from 2012 helped ANREX to reach a new level of development. Since that time, company began to operate actively in an updated and improved format. As a result - new equipment, the organization of new workplaces, the expansion of areas, the birth of new furniture models.


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